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Business Etiquette Class

Welcome to our comprehensive Business Etiquette Class, designed to equip professionals like you with the essential skills and knowledge needed to navigate the complexities of modern business interactions with confidence and professionalism. In today's competitive world, displaying impeccable manners, cultural sensitivity, and refined interpersonal skills can significantly enhance your professional reputation and open doors to new opportunities.


Key Learning Objectives:


Professional Presence: Learn how to create a positive and lasting impression through effective verbal and non-verbal communication, personal grooming, and dress code choices.


Business Communication: Master the art of clear and concise communication, both written and verbal, in diverse business contexts. Enhance your skills in email etiquette, phone etiquette, meetings, and networking events.


Intercultural Competence: Cultivate cultural sensitivity and adaptability, enabling you to interact respectfully and successfully with individuals from different backgrounds, customs, and beliefs. Understand the nuances of global business etiquette and its impact on international relationships.


Etiquette: Gain confidence in formal and informal dining situations, including business lunches and dinners. Learn table manners, seating arrangements, proper use of utensils, and navigating complex dining protocols.

Professional Networking: Develop effective networking strategies and techniques to build strong professional relationships, expand your network, and leave a positive impression on potential clients, colleagues, and employers.


Business Etiquette in the Digital Age: Understand the etiquette guidelines for online communication, social media, virtual meetings, and remote collaborations. Navigate the challenges of digital interactions while maintaining professionalism and courtesy.


Workplace Etiquette: Discover the unwritten rules of office conduct, including appropriate behavior, respect for boundaries, handling conflicts, and demonstrating workplace civility. Understand the do's and don'ts of office etiquette to foster a harmonious work environment.

Who Should Attend:

Our Business Etiquette Class is ideal for professionals at any stage of their careers, including executives, managers, entrepreneurs, recent graduates, and anyone seeking to enhance their professional presence. *This class will be offered in Spanish (upon request)

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