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Dining Etiquette Class

Our Dining Etiquette Class covers essential concepts for mastering the art of dining with grace and confidence. Participants will delve into a wealth of essential knowledge, unlocking the secrets to graceful dining in various scenarios.


Throughout this engaging course, attendees will master the following concepts:

  • Exploring Dining Styles: Gain insight into two distinct dining styles, allowing you to confidently navigate both formal and informal settings with finesse.

  • The Art of Place Setting: Delve into the intricate details of creating a proper place setting, learning the strategic arrangement of utensils, plates, and glassware.

  • Utensil Handling Expertise: Acquire finesse in holding silverware and glasses correctly, reflecting your refined understanding of dining etiquette.

  • Napkin Etiquette: Learn the subtle etiquette behind napkin usage, discovering when and how to elegantly fold and place your napkin.

  • Mastering Soup & Bread Etiquette: Embark on a journey through the finer points of consuming soup and bread, from using the appropriate utensils to gracefully handling soup spoons and bread rolls.

  • Navigating the Menu: Familiarize yourself with Menu Etiquette, uncovering the art of selecting dishes and confidently interacting with the menu.

  • Polished General Dining Manners: Embrace a spectrum of general dining manners, from posture and table talk to graceful handling of utensils.

  • Communication with Service Staff: Cultivate effective communication skills when interacting with service staff, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable dining experience.

To further enhance the immersive learning experience, participants will indulge in a delightful light lunch or dinner, meticulously curated from a pre-selected menu.


Join us in the Dining Etiquette Class, where you'll refine your dining finesse and master the art of sophisticated dining, leaving a lasting positive impression in any setting.

NOTE: This class is also available in Spanish upon request.


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