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Welcome to Tampa Bay Academy of Etiquette

We will help you become more confident and improve your self-esteem by developing better social skills & creating a great professional  & personal image .Our goal is to teach you the skills that you need to create wonderful relationships and succeed both personally and professionally. 


About me..

    My name is Jackie Pilarte -Ramos, I am the Founder of  Tampa Bay Academy of Etiquette. I am a Certified Etiquette Coach and Business Administrator with over 20 years of Leadership experience in the Healthcare Field. My passion is to teach, mentor and empower others.  I am also a mom of two amazing girls who happen to be my source of joy.

As a little girl, I grew up with very low self-esteem and no confidence in myself or my abilities.. which led to a lifetime of personal struggles, comparison and self-doubt.

As an adult I have overcome many of those issues, but it wasn't easy. 

I have had to work on myself, from the inside out. It has been a journey of love and a quest to find the person I was always meant to be.

 Improving my social skills and working on my personal development  have been the key to transforming my life.

This is the why behind creating the Academy.. My wish is to help as many people as possible, to develop skills that will help them be more confident, love themselves and believe in their abilities.. I want to see stronger and more confident children, teenagers and adults who love themselves and know their value.

I know from  my own past experience that low self-esteem and lack of confidence prevents you from living your best life, so let me help you and your family become the best version of yourselves!

With much love,